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Avanos welcomes our colleagues from the American Society of Hospital System Pharmacists!

NEOMED* is now part of the Avanos family! Turn to Avanos for solutions to help your patients survive and thrive, including the NEOMED* brand of medication administration products that support the specialized medication dosing needs of the neonatal and pediatric patient populations.

As an ENFit® transition leader, Avanos is committed to enhancing patient safety by offering ISO 80369-3 compliant (ENFit®) products that reduce the risk of enteral misconnections. The NEOMED* ENFit® portfolio does not require ENFit® transition adaptors to avoid increased priming volumes which potentially impact dosing accuracy.



NEOMED* Pharmacy Workshop

Patient Safety Can’t Wait


ENFit® Low Dose Tip Syringes

  • NEOMED* ENFit® Low Dose Tip (LDT) syringes are available in sizes 0.5 – 6 mL to ensure accurate medication delivery.
  • NEOMED* is the only vendor that offers ENFit® Low Dose Tip syringes in sizes 0.5 – 6 mL in amber.
  • When used as intended, Low Dose Tip Syringes achieve accurate small volume doses while minimizing the risk of misconnections.
Low Dose Tip Syringe

ENFit® Pharmacy Syringes

  • Standard ENFit® tip syringes are available in sizes 12 – 60 mL.
  • Syringes feature an off-set tip, solid plunger and silicone O-ring gasket.
  • Available in amber with white markings and clear with purple markings.
  • Hands-free, plugged tip caps promote aseptic technique.

ENFit® Accessories

  • The DoseMate and DoseMate DL are designed for patient comfort during direct oral administration without presenting a choking hazard.
  • Tamper-evident caps help protect against drug diversion of morphine, methadone, and other controlled substances.
  • Self-righting hands-free tip caps, pharmacy caps, filling straws, and couplers are designed to promote aseptic technique.

NeoConnect® at Home Syringes

The NeoConnect®at Home Syringe portfolio is:

  • Available without a prescription (OTC)
  • Available in sizes 3, 6, 12, and 60 mL
  • FDA 510(k) cleared for reuse


During this time of high acuity, patient census and clinical fatigue, it’s important to have a safeguard against accidental enteral misconnections.

The ENFit® system reduces the risk of enteral misconnections.

ENFit® is a global enteral-specific design that provides a secure, locking connection. ENFit® is designed to mitigate the risk of misconnection with non-enteral devices.

Avanos can support your ENFit® transition remotely with our exclusive Virtual Go Live Program. Our ENFit® experts will virtually walk you through each step of your conversion to ensure a smooth ENFit® transition.

++There are inherent risks in the use of all prescription medical devices. Please see the full Directions for Use containing Indications, Cautions, Warnings and other relevant information.

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