Confidence is MIC-KEY* SF

Empower families to feel confident with tube feeding, using a prevention-minded approach

The new MIC-KEY* SF sets your patients up for successful tube feedings with the new orange balloon indicator. The balloon indicator provides a visual cue when the balloon is below the recommended fill volume, in order to prevent unnecessary emergency room visits due to unexpected dislodgments.

With MIC-KEY* SF, you can help families:

  • Guard against tube dislodgements
  • Prevent granulation tissue
  • Feel assured that they are being fed as intended
  • Have confidence living with and maintaining their tube

See How It Works

  • Balloon indicator provides a visual cue to the patient/caregiver to check and/or fill balloon when the balloon is below recommended minimum fill pressure, reducing unexpected dislodgements which is intended to eliminate the need for weekly balloon volume checks.
  • Cap-less feed port highlights a low-profile design that sits close to the patient’s skin
  • Feed head includes rounded edges and a raised bolster to better distribute weight and allow for airflow to the stoma site
  • Snap-fit extension set and 360-degree rotation allow for easy attachment and reliable connection from any angle, reducing tube kinking or disconnection.
  • Polyurethane tubing with a larger inner lumen provides improved flow rates and reduced risk of clogging
  • Low profile “donut” shaped polyurethane balloon reduces the volume occupation inside the stomach

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