MIC-KEY*: The Low-Profile Feeding Tube

MIC-KEY* feeding tubes can provide your patients the “cap it and go” option(1) that many patients demand. Enteral feeding can make feeding tube consumers feel limited in their lifestyle choices(1). MIC-KEY* offers them a truly low-profile alternative (2), a huge “no-show” difference compared to traditional feeding tubes that can show through clothing, snag, or be pulled out accidentally (1).

The MIC-KEY* Feeding Tube Can Give Kids More Freedom to Go!

Childhood is all about exploring and having adventures. MIC-KEY* has a low-profile advantage that can give kids more freedom to participate in life’s little adventures by providing them with more freedom of movement and less to worry about with its low-profile advantage.

"give kids more freedom to participate in life's little adventures by providing them with more freedom of movement"

The MIC-KEY* Feeding Tube for Adult-Sized Feeding

Many adults that require enteral feeding deal with long, obtrusive feeding tubes. Thanks to the MIC-KEY* Feeding Tube, they do not need to anymore. MIC-KEY* comes in a variety of sizes suited for adults. Give your patients more freedom and mobility with the MIC-KEY* G Feeding Tube:

  • Less prone to dislodgment, because it is difficult for patients to grip and remove.
  • Problematic occlusions less likely, because of the tube’s short internal length and diameter size (2).
  • More flexibility for you and your patients: place initially or via mature gastronomy tract.


The MIC-KEY* feeding tube also offers a unique Bumper Design to helps avoid accidental patient dislodgements.


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