CLOTEST* Jack Bean Urease Control Tablets


The Avanos Medical CLOTEST* Jack Bean Urease Control Tablets are the positive control for CLOTEST* Rapid Urease Test, one of the most highly regarded urease tests available to medical professionals. Its combination of accuracy, convenience, and affordability makes it one of the most heavily relied upon tests for diagnosing H. pylori. In fact, results can render in less than 20 minutes after initial usage. Please note, the control tablets should be kept in cool, dark conditions for optimal performance.

Product Features

  • The tablets are the control for CLOTEST* Rapid Urease Test, which is considered the “Gold Standard” among urease tests
  • The test produces 98% sensitivity and 97% specificity
  • The test successfully diagnoses 75% of H. pylori infections with no false positives
  • Results can be delivered in under 20 minutes
  • 230 tablets per bottle, sold in cases of 10

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