MicroCOUNT* Lite Printer


The Avanos Medical MICROCOUNT* Lite Printer allows for on-site analysis of a patient’s breath sample collected from the Avanos Medical* PYtest* 14C-Urea Breath Test. The MICROCOUNT* Lite provides results in five minutes on a LCD display panel.

Product Features

  • Compatible printer and software for use with the MICROCOUNT* Lite Liquid Scintillation Counter (60495)
  • NCI Model 122X MiniPrinter Series
  • Miniature continuous-feed, dot matrix, serial interface printer
  • For voltage (Eg. 110, 220, or both)
  • PYTEST* 14C-Urea Breath Test accessories provide the products needed for on-site administration and analysis, a process that can be completed in less than 20 minutes per test
  • Portable

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Name Value
Product Brand MICROCOUNT*
Name Value
Name MICROCOUNT* Lite Printer
Product Brand MICROCOUNT*
Name Value
Packaging Details 1 CS = 1 Units
Case Selling Package Volume 23.022 CDM
Case Selling Package Length 34.290 CM
Case Selling Package Width 28.575 CM
Case Selling Package Height 23.495 CM
Case Selling Package Weight 3.628 KG