MICROCOUNT* Lite Liquid Scintillation Counter


Avanos Medical is a leader in Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) diagnostics. MICROCOUNT* Lite Liquid Scintillation Counter is the first cleared 14C-UBT in the U.S. market for the diagnosis of H. pylori. It utilizes 14C-labeled urea in breath samples to identify the presence of the H. pylori bacterium.

Product Features

  • Allows for on-site analysis of a patient’s breath sample collected from the PYTEST* 14C-Urea Breath Test
  • Provides results in five minutes on an LCD display panel
  • Printer for voltage (Eg. 110, 220, or both)

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Sterilization Method

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Name Value
Sterile No
Sterilization Method Non-Sterile