CORFLO* PEG Replacement Feeding Adapter


The CORFLO* PEG Y-Adapter provides a secure connection between the feed set/syringe and the CORFLO PEG tube. Clinicians can choose from multiple sizing options to find the ideal fit.

Product Features

  • · Available in 12Fr, 16 Fr, and 20Fr sizes.
  • Dual ports eliminate the need for disconnection during irrigation, decompression, or medication
  • ENFit* Connectors are available in all sizes
  • Single use
  • Natural rubber and latex-free

The dimensions and properties listed can vary within pre-established specifications. This page was created using the most recent information. In the interest of continuous improvement, the characteristics of the product may change without prior notice.

Diameter (Fr)

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Name Value
Catheter Length (In.)
Connector 1
Connector 2
Diameter (Fr) 16
Dilator (Fr)
Feed Set Connector Type
Inner Diameter (mm)
Inner PVC Catheter (Fr)
Jejunal Length (cm)
Outer Diameter (mm)
Outer EVA Catheter (Fr)
Product Brand
Silicone Internal Retention Balloon Volume (ml)
Stoma Length (cm)
Tube Tip Type
Tube Length (cm)
Tube Length Color Code
Primary Product Color