Gastrointestinal Anchor Set Demonstration Set with SAF-T-PEXY* T-Fasteners, Demonstration Sample


T-fasteners with absorbable suture designed to secure the position of the stomach against the anterior abdominal wall. Key components of the set include Absorbable 3-0 Biosyn (TM) Monofilament Absorbable Suture, provided in order to eliminate the need for a follow-up visit to remove the suture. Also included are pre-loaded safety needles intended to protect clinicians from inadvertent needle sticks. The low-profile external retention bumper design has enhanced use, thanks to the audible “click” bolster locking mechanism, as well as the cleanable bolster.

Product Features

  • Designed to secure position of stomach against anterior abdominal wall
  • Absorbable 3-0 Biosyn (TM) Monofilament Absorbable Suture
  • Pre-loaded safety needles to prevent sticking
  • Low-profile external retention bumper with audible "click" bolster locking mechanism
  • Uniquely packaged in sets of 3

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Name Value
Product Brand AVANOS*
Name Value
Name Gastrointestinal Anchor Set, SAF-T-PEXY* T-Fasteners
Product Brand AVANOS*
Name Value
Packaging Details 1 CS = 25 Units
Case Selling Package Volume 18.038 CDM
Case Selling Package Length 32.863 CM
Case Selling Package Width 29.053 CM
Case Selling Package Height 18.890 CM
Case Selling Package Weight 5.215 KG