CORFLO* PEG Jejunal Feeding Tube with ENFit® Connector


For use with the CORFLO PEG, the CORFLO PEG Jejunal tube provides jejunal feeding while maintaining gastric access. The design strategically incorporates components to enhance usability, such as the anti-clog feeding port for long-term placement. What’s more, clinicians can choose from multiple diameters, catheter lengths, and features to find the ideal jejunal tubes for their needs.

Product Features

  • Gastric access is maintained while providing jejunal access
  • Both weighted and non-weighted tip options
  • Centimeter markings provide a reference for adjustment and placement confirmation
  • Tip design aids endoscopic placement
  • Available in sizes 6Fr, 8Fr, and 10Fr
  • Anti-clog feeding port insures long term placement
  • Over-the-wire placement option

The dimensions and properties listed can vary within pre-established specifications. This page was created using the most recent information. In the interest of continuous improvement, the characteristics of the product may change without prior notice.

Name Value
Diameter (Fr) 6
Catheter Length (In.) 36
Tube Length (cm) 91
Tube Length Color Code Pink
Product Brand CORFLO*
Name Value
Name CORFLO* PEG Jejunal Feeding Tube
Diameter (Fr) 6
Catheter Length (In.) 36
Product Brand CORFLO*
Name Value
Packaging Details 1 CS = 5 Units
Case Selling Package Volume 4.092 CDM
Case Selling Package Length 28.575 CM
Case Selling Package Width 17.348 CM
Case Selling Package Height 8.255 CM
Case Selling Package Weight 0.264 KG