CORFLO* PEG Kit with ENFit® Connector


This Safety PEG Kit is a complete set of tools designed to prevent pullouts. In turn, patients are spared from additional medical procedures and physical pain. This kit comes with a number of essentials, including a conical or ring bumper, a y-adapter, an external fixation device, and a radiopaque stripe. The polyurethane used throughout the kit proves to be a more robust alternative to silicone, especially when combating natural deterioration. The kit comes sterilized with EO processing and is intended for single-use.

Product Features

  • Polyurethane material
  • External fixation device holds the tube securely at a right angle without kinking
  • Available in 12, 16, and 20Fr sizes
  • Multiple kit options: Pull, Push, conical bumper, ring bumper, safety or standard
  • 16 and 20Fr sizes can be converted to a PEG-J with the PEG-J jejunal tube

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Name Value
Diameter (Fr) 20
Product Brand CORFLO*
Name Value
Name CORFLO* Safety PEG Kit – Pull Method
Diameter (Fr) 20
Product Brand CORFLO*
Name Value
Packaging Details 1 CS = 2 Units
Case Selling Package Volume 0.043 HL
Case Selling Package Length 26.353 CM
Case Selling Package Width 25.718 CM
Case Selling Package Height 6.350 CM
Case Selling Package Weight 0.671 KG