Introducer Kit for Jejunal/Gastric Jejunal Feeding Tube


The introducer kits provide reduced surgical steps and fewer incisions. The simple, intuitive tools allow doctors to confidently secure the stomach and receive clear, audible confirmation of suture lock. The kit promotes patient hygiene with easy-to-clean bolsters, and the smooth, round retention device provides patient comfort. The controlled delivery granted by the introducer kit enables one-handed, on-demand T-bar deployment and protects clinicians from inadvertent needle sticks.

Product Features

  • Gastrointestinal Anchor Set with 4 SAF-T-PEXY* T-Fasteners
  • Hemostat
  • 18G Safety introducer needle
  • 5Fr Seeking catheter (0.38 guidewire compatible)
  • #11 scalpel
  • Dilator
  • Over-the-wire Stoma Measuring Device
  • 12ml syringe

The dimensions and properties listed can vary within pre-established specifications. This page was created using the most recent information. In the interest of continuous improvement, the characteristics of the product may change without prior notice.

Diameter (Fr)

Dilator (Fr)

Product Brand

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Name Value
Diameter (Fr) 16
Dilator (Fr) 20
Product Brand AVANOS*

Name Value
Diameter (Fr) 18
Dilator (Fr) 22
Product Brand AVANOS*