Laparoscopic Introducer Kit for Jejunal/Gastric Feeding Tube, 20Fr Dilator


The AVANOS* Laparoscopic Introducer Kit for Jejunal/Gastric Feeding Tubes provides physicians with an innovative solution to facilitate the primer placement of balloon-retained enteral feeding tubes. Each comprehensive kit includes crucial tools, including gastrointestinal anchor set with 4 SAF-T-PEXY* T-Fasteners, hemostat, an 18G safety introducer needle, a 12ml syringe, #11 scalpel, a dilator, an over-the-wire stoma measuring device, and a 5Fr seeking catheter (0.38 guidewire compatible).

Product Features

  • Minimized trauma and enhanced patient comfort
  • Applicable as adjunctive or primary procedure
  • Tools specifically designed for visual and surgical accuracy
  • Lowered risk for surgical and post-op complications other procedures may pose (i.e., longer hospital stay, punctured colon, tissue damage, etc.)

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Name Value
Diameter (Fr) 16
Dilator (Fr) 20
Product Brand AVANOS*
Name Value
Name Laparoscopic Introducer Kit for Jejunal/Gastric Jejunal Feeding Tube
Diameter (Fr) 16
Product Brand AVANOS*
Name Value
Packaging Details 1 CS = 1 Units
Case Selling Package Volume 10.449 CDM
Case Selling Package Length 48.895 CM
Case Selling Package Width 33.655 CM
Case Selling Package Height 6.350 CM
Case Selling Package Weight 0.794 KG