CORFLO* Nasogastric/Nasointestinal Pediatric Feeding Tube with Stylet with ANTI-IV* Connector


CORFLO* Nasogastric/Nasointestinal Pediatric Feeding Tubes with Stylet with ANTI-IV* Connector should be used with the Avanos CORTRAK* 2 Enteral Access System (EAS), CORTRAK* 2 Nasogastric/Nasointestinal (NG/NI) feeding tubes to empower clinicians to place NG/NI tubes at the bedside without the need for X-ray confirmation. These tubes are available in a wide variety of adult, pediatric and neonatal sizes. Additionally, we offer multiple packages that feature optional features such as Anti-IV Connectors, stylet connect types that are flow through or non-flow through, and adhesive bandages.

Product Features

  • Weighted/Non-Weighted
  • With and without stylet
  • ENFit, Universal, and Anti-IV proximal connectors
  • Anti-clog bolus
  • CM Markings
  • MRI conditional once stylet is removed
  • Flow-Through Stylet
  • Radiopaque
  • Water Activated Lubricated Tip & Internal Lumen (stylet tubes only)

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Catheter Length (In.)

Diameter (Fr)

Primary Product Color