BALLARD* Closed Suction Catheter, Elbow, WET PAK*, Neonatal/Pediatric


BALLARD* Standard Closed Suction Systems designed for neonatal and pediatric patients. Featuring BALLARD* TRACH CARE* technology, the leader in closed suctioning, BALLARD* Standard of care for over 25 years. Closed-suction systems reduce the opportunity for contamination to occur from outside pathogens, thus reducing the bacterial colonization within the circuit.

Product Features

  • Soft” low durometer catheter to minimize tracheal trauma
  • Number and color coded graduations for measured depth suctioning, helping to prevent unnecessary tracheal trauma
  • Tactile sleeve for catheter advancement

Primary Product Color

Diameter (Fr)

Closed Suction System Type

MDI Attachment

Length (cm)

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Name Value
Closed Suction System Type Endotracheal
Diameter (Fr) 10
Length (cm) 16
MDI Attachment No
Primary Product Color Black