BALLARD* Mini-BAL Sampling Catheter


The AVANOS* Mini-BAL Catheter is proven to enable a more accurate diagnosis.1 Key design features, like the directional tip enable swift extraction of lower respiratory tract samples. Lower respiratory tract samples play a significant role in preventing false negatives and false positives, as seen seen in an estimated 23% of endotracheal aspirate cultures.1 These secretions from the distal airway can help identify infectious pathogens of the lung for a microbiologically confirmed diagnosis.

Product Features

  • Directional tip allows right or left lung sampling
  • Can be performed bedside in minutes by trained respiratory therapist or other trained clinicians
  • Maintains PEEP when used with supplied ventilator adapter

The dimensions and properties listed can vary within pre-established specifications. This page was created using the most recent information. In the interest of continuous improvement, the characteristics of the product may change without prior notice.

Tube Tip Type

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Name Value
Tube Tip Type Directional Radiopaque (Mushroom)


Name Value
Tube Tip Type Directional Radiopaque (Mushroom)