This Q2 Kit with CHG is designed to provide comprehensive oral care over a 24-hour period for a Q2 protocol that calls for the use of CHG twice daily. These kits are complete with everything needed to provide comprehensive and consistent oral care, recognized as critical for preventing VAP by such leading healthcare organizations as the CDC1, and AACN2.
In addition to the Oral Care Q2 Kit with CHG, Avanos is also addressing the known risk factors for VAP by offering a complete portfolio of Oral Care Kits, individual components, and packs – designed by nurses, for nurses, to support both individual patient needs and hospital oral care protocols.

Product Features

  • Color-coded packaging, allowing caregivers to easily identify specific component packs to track oral care compliance
  • Individual packs allow caregivers to choose the right tool at the right time, based on patient need and hospital protocol
  • Color-coded “Order of Use” guide, printed directly on the kit, takes the guesswork out of oral care, providing easy identification of component packs while promoting proper continuity of care according to protocol

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Diameter (Fr)

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Name Value
Diameter (Fr) 14