BALLARD* Toothbrush Pack with CPC


Part of the AVANOS* Oral Care Q4, Q2, and Assisted Care Kit, the Toothbrush Pack is intended to be used with a 4-hour, 2-hour oral care protocol or for non-vented, oral care dependent patients. The component pack includes a suction toothbrush, an applicator swab, 0.07 oz. (2g) of mouth moisturizer, and 0.50 fl. oz. (14ml) 0.05% Antiplaque solution (CPC).

Product Features

  • Single mold silicone toothbrush with soft and flexible bristles — Prevents bristles from coming out while removing dental plaque, debris, and secretions more comfortably
  • 14ml cups of solution (CPC) (2X more solution than in competitors’ kits) — Allows for more solution to be applied to toothbrush easily
  • Water based mouth moisturizer — Minimizes opaque residue on patient’s mouth.
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