BALLARD* Mint-Flavored Rinse


AVANOS* Oral Care Kits and Components, specifically the Oral Rinse, are designed to assist the practitioner in providing proper oral care. The Oral Care Kits and Components are available in multiple configurations for varying patient needs. The Oral Rinse is part of the Oral Care Kits and, for optimal results, use twice, daily. The included label provides a barcode and space for documentation for easy identification.

Product Features

  • Non-sterile
  • Natural Rubber Latex-Free
  • Ballard Technology
  • Single Use
  • Available in bulk

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Tube Tip Type

Kit, Pack, or Tray

Made With DEHP

Single Use


Sterilization Method

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Name Value
Age No
Made With DEHP No
Single Use True
Sterile No
Sterilization Method Non-Sterile
Tube Tip Type N/A
Kit, Pack, or Tray False