Endotracheal Tube Clearing Systems

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BALLARD* Restore2 ET tube clearing device, recently acquired from EndoClear has had successful clinical findings. Read Article.

Introducing two new proprietary airway clearing systems


Many patients capable of being weaned from the ventilator may fail their spontaneous breathing trial (SBT) because of increased work of breathing from a narrowed lumen. Routine endotracheal suctioning is unable to remove adherent secretions and biofilm from the walls of the ET tube, resulting in1-2:

  • A narrowed airway
  • Increased airway resistance
  • Increased work of breathing
  • Delayed extubation


ETT clearing systems from Avanos restore performance of the endotracheal tube, giving patients an improved opportunity to pass their SBT.4-5

  • Clears the ETT of tenacious secretions and biofilm1
  • Reduces airway resistance and work of breathing4
  • Restores the ETT to optimal weaning conditions1
  • Gives patient an improved opportunity to pass their SBT2-4


In a 5-year retrospective observational study of 1320 patients, a facility decreased their duration of MV by an average of up to one day by clearing the ET tube daily prior to SBTs.

By implementing the daily ET tube clearing protocol, the facility saw a decrease in direct cost per case from $13,101 to $12,024 ($1,077±2,784, p<0.15), resulting in a total of $926,838 net benefit.

Watch the video to learn more about the BALLARD* Liberator


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