BALLARD* Turbo-Cleaning Closed Suction System

Advanced Infection Control That Redefines the Standard of Care for Closed Suction

Ventilator-associated pneumonia (VAP) is the most common and deadly healthcare-associated infection, affecting up to 28% of ventilated patients1

The BALLARD* Turbo-Cleaning Closed Suction System retracts with a unique and isolated turbulent cleaning chamber, making it the only catheter proven to reduce bacterial load on the catheter tip by 89% in a 72-hour period.2 The presence of such a valve should be considered essential in preserving lung volumes and uninterrupted ventilation in mechanically ventilated patients.3

The BALLARD* Turbo-Cleaning Closed Suction System Reduces:

  • The risk of contamination from outside pathogens4
  • Colonization within the circuit4
  • ICU days and associated costs5
  • Potential exposure to bodily fluids

Features include:

  • Patented “PEEP seal” technology helps reduce PEEP loss and helps prevent inadvertent lavage
  • One-way lavage port prevents splash-back, which reduces the risk of cross-contamination
  • Dynamic valve technology allows for normal ventilation during catheter cleaning3

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