Stoma Care

Products that Address Adverse Stomal Conditions

Maintaining Stoma Patency & Comfort

Stoma care is key to preventing a variety of adverse stomal conditions.  In stoma care, Halyard Health is pleased to provide CORSTOP*, an innovative device to reduce the risk of stenosis, in between catheter placements for ACE and MACE patients.

CORSTOP* a.c.e. Stopper

Maintaining Stoma Patency

CORSTOP a.c.e. Stopper is a small silicone plug designed to seal the stoma, in between catheter insertions for ACE  and MACE patients.  The device, which helps maintain stoma patency and stomal integrity, reduces the risk of stoma stenosis.

Stoma Measuring Device Over-the-Wire (OTW)

MIC-KEY* Over-the-Wire (OTW) Stoma Measuring Device

Another Halyard Enteral Accessory That Measures Up
An important component of Halyard’s line of enteral feeding accessories, the MIC-KEY* Over the-Wire Stoma Measuring Device assists in determining proper feeding tube shaft length.


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Why MIC-KEY* Feeding Tubes?

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Fight Malnutrition with CORTRAK*

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