Enteral Accessories

Innovative Designs. Consistent Performance.

As a leader in the enteral feeding market, Avanos offers a wide variety of feeding accessories designed for delivering nutrition and medication to enteral feeding patients.

CLOG ZAPPER Enteral Feeding Tube Declogging System

Clearing Blockages in Enteral Feeding Tubes

Our patented CLOG ZAPPER is a pre-mixed, pre-measured, pre-loaded system designed to break up formula clogs in enteral feeding devices.

CLOG ZAPPER combines an “enzyme cocktail,” acids, buffers, antimicrobial agents, and metal inhibitors in an all-inclusive, ready-to-use system. The ingredients all work together to loosen, break down and dislodge clogs. In clinical usage, CLOG ZAPPER was successful in restoring patency to feeding tubes clogged with enteral formulas over 75% of the time.


Extension Sets with ENFit® Connectors

No matter what connection type you select, Avanos supports all of your enteral feeding needs with:

  • A comprehensive set of connectors for MIC-KEY* & MIC* Feeding Tubes and Accessories, including standard or ENFit®
  • Consistent product availability from “Your Source for Enteral Feeding” for both connectors!
  • Complete product training for a smooth transition when your facility is ready to convert to ENFit® connectors

Extension Sets

A Comprehensive Selection

Avanos offers a variety of extension sets for continuous feeding, Bolus feeding and medication delivery for:

  • Mic-Key* Feeding Tube Kits
  • MIC* G Feeding Tube Kits
  • MIC* J Feeding Tube Kits
  • MIC* GJ Feeding Tube Kits
  • CORFLO Feeding Tubes

Whether you choose standard connectors or ENFit* Connectors, Avanos supports all your enteral feeding needs.


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