Endotracheal Tube Clearing Systems

New Restore2 and Liberator HCS, proprietary airway clearing systems remove tenacious secretions and biofilm, giving patients an improved opportunity to pass their SBT.

Liberator HCS, ET Tube Clearing System

The Liberator HCS, ET Tube Clearing System restores the ET tube to optimal weaning conditions, reducing the time spent on a ventilator by up to one day.

  • 72-hour use
  • Simplified sizing: 7-7.5 mm or 8-8.5 mm models
  • Silicone construction for soft suction catheter
  • Isolated rinsing chamber for cleaning the catheter without washing saline down the ETT
  • Radio opaque catheter
  • Versatile manifold with optional BAL bronchoscopy adapter


A one-time adjunct to your closed suction system, Restore2 has a radially expanding, squared-edge wiper balloon that can be used to clear away mucus, secretions and bacteria from the inside of the ET tube.

  • Sterile, single-use device
  • Compatible with all current closed suction systems and all endotracheal tubes sizes 7.0-8.5
  • After connection, wiping procedure can be performed while the patient is being ventilated
  • Length-limited catheter avoids insertion more than 1-2 cm beyond the ETT tip on standard length tubes
  • Atraumatic catheter tip helps prevent injury if it ever contacts tracheal mucosa
  • Protective sheath helps prevent exposure to secretions