CORFLO* Nasogastric & Nasointenstinal Feeding Tubes

NG/NI Tubes for Adult, Pediatric & Neonatal Patients

The Avanos CORFLO NG/NI feeding tubes are available in a wide variety of adult, pediatric and neonatal sizes. Their polyurethane construction makes them excellent for long-term intubation and and offers a larger lumen than PVC tubes and Silicone tubes of the same French size.

Designed to prevent feeding tube misconnections, CORFLO NG/NI feeding tubes with ENFit connectors feature a clear connector housing for visual inspection of connection with administration sets, as well the inspection of cleanliness before, during and after use.

A variety of Extension Sets are available for use with CORFLO NG/NI feeding tubes


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Protected: Confidence is MIC-KEY* SF

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Fight Manlutrition with CORTRAK*

Malnutrition Has Met its Match SEE US AT AACN – BOOTH #3031 An estimated one-third of patients enter the hospital malnourished, and approximately one-third will develop malnutrition during their stay.(1,2)…
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Six Practical Steps That May Improve Billing Efficiency

Setting up efficient software and consistent billing practices are key steps to help establish a smooth process for provider reimbursements. However, billing isn't only about getting the data right; there…
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