Safety and Patient Comfort in the Digestive Health Setting

We know you want the best for your patients. Avanos enteral feeding products are designed with your patients’ comfort and safety in mind. From our feeding tubes to our placement technologies, we address patient comfort and safety as well as strive to make clinicians’ jobs easier. Here are some of the benefits of our enteral feeding technologies:

"we address patient comfort and safety as well as strive to make clinicians' jobs easier"

Placement Complications

The Avanos enteral feeding products are designed to reduce placement complications. Our Initial Placement Kit, created to ease gastromy tube placement, provides reduced surgical steps and fewer incisions. While delivering the essential tools for a secure, less invasive placement, the Initial Placement Kit offers lowered risk for surgical and post-op complications, promotes patient hygiene with easy-to-clean bolsters, and one hand T-Bar deployment protecting clinicians from inadvertent needle sticks. [1]

Our CORTRAK* 2 (EAS) system offers real time placement technology that allows clinicians to see where they are placing the feeding tube. CORTRAK*2 consists of a computer monitor, receiver and transmitter stylet, which provides real time representation of the feeding tube’s position. Deviations can be resolved immediately by clinicians, often limiting the need to subject patients to additional confirmatory x-rays and simplifying the clinician’s job.[2]

Stoma Complications

When properly maintained, the CORSTOP* a.c.e. Stopper, a small silicone plug designed to seal the stoma, may reduce the chance of stomal complications for patients. The product creates a seal in-between catheter insertions to help maintain stoma patency and integrity and to help reduce the risk of stoma stenosis.


At Avanos, we understand that a dislodged feeding tube is a big deal for tube users. Because of its low-profile, the MIC-KEY* G Feeding Tube is difficult for patients to grip and remove, making it less prone to dislodgement. This is important for the pediatric population in which 11,000 balloon-retained feeding tubes are placed in the U.S. annually.[3]

For those patients requiring a Nasoenteric tube, CORGRIP* is a great solution to help optimize your CORTRAK* 2 feeding tube placement. Clinicians who use CORGRIP* report patients receive a higher number of calories, a reduction in unnecessary X-rays for placement procedures, and less discomfort and patient trauma from those repeated procedures.

Patient Comfort

Finally, patient comfort and caregiver satisfaction are always top of mind. The low-profile MIC-KEY* Feeding Tube design can provide tube users with greater freedom and mobility because the MIC-KEY* sits at skin level. It is also easy to conceal under clothing and comes in various adult sizes so patients can live a full, active life without the concerns of traditional feeding tubes.

What’s more, our FARRELL* Valve System is a closed reservoir system intended to allow the evacuation of excess gas and drainage/collection of enteral feeding formula and gastrointestinal tract contents from patients to prevent both patient and clinician exposure to gastric contents. The bag is vented to allow the escape of gas, while also provides a container to retain excess formula in a closed system. Plus, the system provides a channel to constantly decompress the stomach, allowing it to fill at its own pace for optimal comfort. [4]

At Avanos, we develop all of our enteral feeding products with your patient’s comfort, care and safety in mind while providing clinicians the latest technologies, innovations and advanced solutions to enable you to effectively treat your enteral feeding patients with the care they depend on and deserve.


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